Sehnsucht unpacks the longing we can feel for another time and place, whether real or imagined. Childhood. Years without war. Early human history. A time when everyone enjoyed the outdoors and raised chickens and heard gossip from the neighbors, when strawberries were tiny and sour. When empires were vast and allegiances strong--and actually, we were the Emperor, and we made the decisions and rode strong horses caked in jewels. When we looked up into the tall shelves of our grandmother's pantry in Wilmington, Delaware, sometime before cell phones.

Created by TV and Michael Norton
Written by Michael Norton
Directed by Sarah Blush
Produced by Rachel Christiansen
Set by Brittany Vasta
Costumes by Christopger Metzger
Lights by Ken Wills
Sound by Ben Vigus
Props by Rhys Roffey

Featuring Willy Appelman, Marcela Biven, Kim Blanck*, Brian Bock, Rebecca S’manga Frank*, Jessica Frey*, Meg Gibson*, Rosa Gilmore, Georgia King, Keren Lugo*, Keilly McQuail*, Jay Smith*

Photos by Alex Schaefer

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