Bonnie's Last Flight is a three-part play set on a plane. Our audience makes the trip as passengers: sitting on the tarmac before takeoff, floating at cruising altitude, and buckling down for the wild and rocky descent back to land.

It’s Jan’s retirement flight. Everyone knows, except for Greig, Jan’s best friend and coworker of many years. As Greig waxes nostalgic, Jan worries about life post-retirement. LeeAnne, a klutzy newbie flight attendant with a dark past, must avoid her ex on the plane while Captain, a waggish pilot with a weakness for unlimited Bloody Mary Brunches, is caught in a love triangle. Erik, the co-pilot with a heart of gold, can’t get a word in edgewise. Presiding over the flight is Mark Twain, of course.

In a comedy set on everyone’s least favorite mode of transit, we must reckon with our crew’s dreams and regrets and ask ourselves: What does it take to really start living?

Featuring Ceci Fernandez, Federico Rodriguez, Greig Sargeant, Barbara Walsh, Sam Breslin Wright and a special appearance of Eliza Bent as Mark Twain
Scenic Design Meredith Ries
Lighting Design Oona Curley
Sound Design John Gasper
Video Design David Pym
Costume Design Heather McDevitt Barton
Props Design Rhys Roffey
Stage Manager Bob Brownell
Production Manager Emma Johnson
Master Electrician Megan Lang
Technical Director Michael LeBron
Front of House Guru Spencer Armstrong
Assistant Stage Manager Michelle Perri
Assistant Director Erin Krebs
Production Assistant Juliana Forrest

BONNIE’S LAST FLIGHT is a New Georges supported production.

BONNIE’S LAST FLIGHT was developed at SPACE on Ryder Farm, the Target Margin Theater Institute and a New Georges Audrey residency and received additional support from LMCC Process and Anna Sosenko Assist Trust. Production support provided by The Habitat.

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