A Play by Henrik Ibsen

Translated by Gerry Bamman and Irene B. Berman

On the brink of transforming himself into the writer of realistic dramas of modern life for which he became famous and notorious, Henrik Ibsen wrote a hugely ambitious play of global reach centering on the shape-shifting adventurer Peer Gynt. The Barnard Theatre Department's 2018-19 season opens with a newly-imagined production directed by Shannon Sindelar, and performed by Barnard and Columbia students. Sponsored by the Barnard College Department of Theatre and the Columbia University Major in Drama & Theatre Arts.

Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Scenic Design by Jo Winiarski
Costumes by Kaci Thomassie
Lights by Christina Watanabe
Sound by Broken Chord
Choreography by Nadia Halim

Stage Management by Sarah Cook
Dramaturgy by Elias Gustave Diamond
Props Supervisor Rhys Roffey

Photos by Stephen Yang

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